Friday, 8 April 2011

The Woman


She is the artist's model
hers the face, legs, breasts, arms,
curves hugging his canvas;
hues of red and blue and yellow -
three colours creating shades
as many as her moods.

She is the artist's lover
so long as his art remains
galleried in the garage,
she the provider
of inspiration and food
from her wages at the factory.

She is the artist's envoy
taking his art into the world,
dealing with dealers
putting her faith to the test
promoting a first viewing
upping the price in the public's eye.

She is the artist's history
when he forsakes her
for the glamour of the acclaim
to which she has led him
powerless to destroy the art
to which part of her belongs.

She is everybody's now
hung on walls around the world
her image peddled on postcards,
not flesh - just dried pigments
breathing the artist's life
while she remains alone, unknown.


Composed: Gee Cross, 12th December 1992


1994 CLEOPTRA (Trento, Edizioni Universum)
2008 Ocho (USA)

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