Monday, 18 April 2011

A New Demon Rules Eden Now


A new male can mess around with delightful associations.
Three biorhythm curves cut on the inadequacy of Hells' Angels
wake you up although treble criticals are detailed below.
You pray for an interim identity
marked by long wet silk stockings
waved towards his passion,
but when she becomes intimate,
and I cling on top of her to scoff about Pavlovian conditioning,
they tell you he isn't unhappy,
Given something hanging from her shyness,
I'm sure the heel of time appears disguised as a variety of lava :
understand that it covers the pallid countenance of status.
What dreams may come when we have a defence policy of conviction?
Our men win a ha'penny.
I can't support child processes, she complains.
See my master's lost her poems.
Prose poems are repeatable: eulogy is just what I don't decree.
Enrol me a true nude male, a box of criticism and the chief.
Write off the encounter I've specified.
The Black-crested titmouse goes turkey in the word processor.
Harmony has always thought worthy, contemporary poetry flaccid,
Contradictory and possessing the visual aesthetics
Of a modernistic naked gentleman.

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 18th May 1993


1993 Tops the Toadbird (UK)

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