Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lost Weekend


changing cossies
in the boot of the car
parents keep guard

© Gerald England

Composed Llandudno, 18th September 2015


2015 Geograph

WanderBox is a custom-built, portable contemporary art space presented by artist Jo Marsh, offering residencies to both established and emerging visual artists in a wide variety of locations and settings. The project hosts exhibitions of contemporary visual art, and serves as a base for performance and participatory practice.

For LLAWN03 the WanderBox residency was taken up by local artist Antonia Dewhurst with "Lost Weekend" which arose after a young photography student in 2014 found an undeveloped film in a secondhand camera. Processing revealed 8 poignant photos of a 1970s family holiday in Llandudno and Llanfairfechan.

Visitors to an empty shop in Vaughn Street next to the Mostyn Art Gallery were encouraged to look through the photographs and write their own responses to them. The above was my personal contribution in response to one of the photographs.