Friday, 31 December 2010

Robin Redbreast

              ROBIN REDBREAST

              Seen on Christmas Day
              pecking at the bird table
              scraps of cake and sage

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Naburn, 11th October 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1995 Sparrow (Croatia)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)


                                        na Bozic kljucanje s pticje trpeze mrvice kolaca i kadulje

        Gerald England

           translated into Croatian by Marijan Cekolj


1995 Sparrow (Croatia)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Greylag Goose

              GREYLAG GOOSE

              Leaving the latest,
              the flight of the greylag geese
              fortells frosty weeks

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Naburn, 10th October 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1995 Sparrow (Croatia)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)


divlje guske,
odlazeci posljednje navjescuju
studene dane

        Gerald England

           translated into Croatian by Marijan Cekolj


1995 Sparrow (Croatia)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010



              Who'd kill the streaker
              hang him by the beak ? - let them
              be struck by lightning!

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Naburn, 10th October 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010



              The hawk stands on stones
              hovers over the M1
              rattles out the mouse

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Naburn, 10th October 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)

Monday, 27 December 2010



              Looking through the cafe window grill
              beyond the fence of heavy iron spikes
              the view is of the electric grid

              I stir an over-sweetened mug of tea
              while scanning the uncrossable road
              from Old Trafford to the motorway

              Green and grim is the ancient tree,
              seeded back in cartwheel days,
              that blocks now the cumulus cloudscape

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Gee Cross, 9th September 1986


1987 Aireings (UK)
1996 POET'S ENGLAND 18 - LANCASHIRE (West Kirby, Headland)

Sunday, 26 December 2010


 (for M.R.B.)

                   And  having  said
                   all that he could
                   he knew there was
                   more  to be  said

                   And having  opened  his hand
                   there were no further hiding
                   places    He had to face the
                   critics  with  only  his pen
                   for  a  weapon  -  only  his
                   computer   and  his  printer
                   make  hard  copy of the word

                   © GERALD ENGLAND.

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 20th August 1986


1993 Vigil (UK)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

By A Sleepy English Village


            Beyond the wooded embankment home
                   of Flopsy, Mopsey, Bobtail -
            over which the diesels thunder
            on their flight from King's Cross to Waverley
            the village lies hidden from view

            The green is split but each side
                   cottage-lined -
            a wood of shelter for snails
            opposite bare grass and war-memorial
            with Church Lane a "No Through Road"

            Between the Post Office Stores, half
                   of a house -
            and the Elephant & Castle's bloated car-park
            leading to beer-garden, swings, play-area,
            stands the twice-a-week bus shelter

            The parish notice-board is discreet
                   but manifests -
            a note from the US Airforce concerning
            a vital twenty-four hour NATO exercise
            during which the commander will ensure

            night-time flying is to be kept
                   to a minimum -
            On the approach lane to a nearby hamlet
            a warning-sign establishes priority
            - "Slow ! Ducks crossing !"

           © GERALD ENGLAND.

Composed: Nacton, 8th August 1986


1986 Periaktos (UK)
1992 STEALING KISSES (Hyde, New Hope International)
1992 Quickenings (USA)
1995 POSITIVELY POETRY (Hyde, New Hope International)
1998 Creative Ooze (Internet)
2008 Ackworth born, gone West (Internet)


                 grey squirrel scenting
                 the approach of man and dog
                 - camouflage of trees

                 © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Harewood, 25th May 1986


1997 Lateral Moves (UK)
1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)

Thursday, 23 December 2010



              The lane separates church from chapel
              primroses from daffodills.
              A fingerpost thumbs to the Military Canal
              separating Welland from Oxney isle.
              Beyond the Romanesque ruler
              boats line the high bank
              whereon are dry boats, a van,
              a caravan and tents.

              Road, canal, the Rother lead
              out of Kent to highwalled Rye
              filtering through to the Sussex sea.

              © GERALD ENGLAND.

Composed: Fairlight, 20th March 1986


1987 First Time (UK)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


                   the sun already
                   risen exactly one hour
                   the tired cock crew

                   © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Manton Farm, 21st March 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1995 Sparrow (Croatia)
1997 Lateral Moves (UK)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)


izlazak sunca -
citav sat umnorni
pijetao kukurice

Gerald England

translated into Croatian by Marijan Cekolj


1995 Sparrow (Croatia)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Vacation Time


Through the windy pass
frozen waterfalls cling to fell sides
In the valley park
the river is rapid with melt
To a young boy
swans are just big ducks
The bypass-building bulldozers
menace bank-holiday traffic

At nightfall
the weather howls between trees
Over the radio
comes news of strife and hardship
minds are still with sleep
Puzzle solutions
are put back to bed again

© Gerald England

Composed: Manton Farm, 20th March 1986


1993 Endless Mountain Review (USA)
1988 Conspire (Internet)


Composed: Slaithwaite, 3rd March 1986


1991 Sacrifice The Common Sense (USA)
1993 FOUR SQUARE REPLAY (Leeds, Krax)

Monday, 20 December 2010


                   black crow on white snow
                   skiers descend on Cat and
                   Fiddle road just cleared

                   © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 2nd February 1986


1989 The Old Police Station (UK)
1997 Whoosits (Internet)

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 12th January 1986


1990 Catalyst (USA)
1993 FOUR SQUARE REPLAY (Leeds, Krax)



A cumparat
Un cantec si
A aflat chip
Chiar muzicii.

Gerald England

Traduceri in limba romana de Andrei Dorian Gheorge


2000 Noi Si Cerul (Romania)

Saturday, 18 December 2010


balloons vibrating
bodies gyrating in time
to the disco beat

© Gerald England

Composed: Dukinfield, 10th January 1986


1996 Quickenings (USA)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Ballade of Halley's Comet


Away from all the city lights
With binoculars skyward scanned
Up on hills where the cold wind fights
And tries to get the upper hand,
Frozen and all alone I stand.
Below the Pleiades I stare,
Hoping I can see that firebrand -
Oh, Halley's Comet, are you there?

I've seen some meteorites -
Shooting stars over the moorland -
The moving lights of satellites,
And once when on the Rio Grande
A full eclipse of sun was planned
I saw it well, I do declare,
But now this answer I command -
Oh, Halley's Comet, are you there?

I have searched all these starry nights
Like Customs after contraband.
In nineteen-ten you reached the heights
With tail stretching to Samarkand.
Towards you spacecraft head unmanned
With computer programmed software
To analyse and understand -
Oh, Halley's Comet, are you there?


Prince, will its tail this time expand
So I can see this sight, so rare,
I'll go to any distant strand ?
Oh, Halley's Comet, are you there?

© Gerald England

Composed:  Ashton under Lyne, 25th November 1985


1989 New Hope International (UK)
1990 International Poetry Suplemento (USA)
1999 Romanian Contemporary Astropoetry (Romania)



Departe de toate luminile orasului
Cu binocluri scanand salonul cerului
Sus pe dealuri unde vantul rece lupta
Si incearca sa obtina mana absoluta,
Inghetat si singur am stat,
Sub Pleiade am privit fix,
Sperand sa pot vedea ace taciune de foc-
O, cometa Halley, acolo esti?

Gerald England

translated into Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe.


2001 Pasi spre infinit (Romania)
2003 SARM (Internet)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

At The Poetry Workshop


           (for Mabel Ferrett & Norman Nicholson)

           In the back garden
           eight poets scan the sky
           searching with binoculars
           somewhere between Aldebaran
           and the Pleiades
           for the hairy star
           blamed for Harold's
           downfall at Hastings.

           There is nothing to be seen
           but reflections of sodium street light
           except for those with more vision
           or imagination.

           As we recross the Pennines
           at midnight,
           clouds descend
           over these northern, November moors,
           forbidding further attempts
           at spotting our traveller
           whom my son, now eight,
           waits to see -
           now -
           not at age eighty-three !

           © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 12th November 1985


1986 POEMS FOR HASTINGS (Ashton under Lyne, New Hope International)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010



(for B.S.)

"Gentle Jesus, meek and mild"  — Charles Wesley.

Who threw the money-changers
from the temple?

Who endured pain,
suffered children?

Who turned water to wine,
fishermen to saints?

Who walked on water,
trod on Roman toes?

Being gentle
is never a soft

Gentle opens more doors
than hard knocking,
can turn the key
to eternity!

© Gerald England

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 29th September 1985


1988 Tandava (USA)
1992 STEALING KISSES (Hyde, New Hope International)
1998 The Morpo Review (Internet)



              (Para B.S.)

                  "Gentil Jesus, manso e docil"
                             Charles Wesley.

              Quem tocou os cambistas
              do templo ?

              Quem suportou a dor
              e o sofrimento das criancas ?

              Quem transformou a agua no vinho,
              pescadores em santos ?

              Quem caminhou sobre as aguas
              e pisou no calcanhar dos romanos ?

              Ser gentil
              nao e nunca a opcao
              mais suave

              Ser gentil abre mais portas
              do que bater com forca,
              e tambem pode abrir com chave
              a eternidade!

              © GERALD ENGLAND

              (Portuguese translation by TERESINKA PEREIRA)


1988 Directory of International Writers & Artists (USA)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Brigflatts Visited (Just)


       Weekending at Wrightington
       we chose Saturday
       for our pilgrimage.

       Just a few motorway miles
       saw the weather change
       to an unending pour

       Swerving to avoid a bollard
       we skidded near Forton Services,
       regained control, stopped for coffee.

       In the narrow road at Brigflatts
       we turned the car, parked briefly,
       but fearing a drenching forsook exploration

       Paying ten pence to park
       we got soaked in Sedbergh
       running to the Copper Kettle

       Lunch over we set out for Dent
       and met the river at Catholes
       flowing towards us down the road

       Several times the engine faltered
       but we low-geared through,
       the exhaust bouncing on boulders

       We escaped over the tops to Barbon
       following the brown, bubbling Barkin Beck
       as it tumbled down carrying earth and stone

       Arriving back at our quaggy field
       abandoning our vehicle by the road
       we crossed unwellied to the caravan

       Soon we settled for coffee
       and a book - mine
       The Orkneyinaga Saga with tales of Eric Bloodaxe

       On Sunday the sun shone unceasing


Composed: Wrightington, 19th September 1985


1986 BRIGGFLATTS VISITED (Ashton under Lyne, New Hope International)
1995 BRIGGFLATTS VISITED 2nd edn (Hyde, New Hope International)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Morning at Seven

              MORNING AT SEVEN

              The rising-eight,
              arising at six
              leaving parents asleep,
              watches television

              It is Sunday;
              there is no T.V.A.M.
              nor Breakfastime,
              no Popeye,
              no Roland Rat,
              Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther,
              only Open University.

              He stares amazed
              at the hieroglyphs
              of calculus and chemistry -
              "Irrational numbers are magic,
              you need a calculater for hard sums",
              says he who has just learnt
              the two-times table.

              A detailed discussion and
              analysis of the Turin Shroud
              arouses his interest in Jesus.

              A programme on Popular Culture
              examines television coverage
              of the Cup Final -
              "I love Manchester United,
              they're my favorites"
              announces he of the two
              left feet.

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 9th September 1985


1986 Mussolini's Rabbit (UK)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Churchill Barriers, Orkney


               Going to Glimps Holm
               the mast of a sunken ship
               still rises offshore,
               a rusty reminder
               of how this road was built,
               linking islands,
               bringing peace to Scapa Flow.

               In men's minds
               are the barriers to peace,
               separating lands,
               alienating people;
               but the barriers to war
               support roads,
               join people together.

               © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: off Fair Isle, 8th August 1985


1986 International Journal on World Peace (USA)
1990 International Poetry (USA)
1992 STEALING KISSES (Hyde, New Hope International)

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Composed: Manchester, 16th June 1985


1989 Bogg (USA)
1992 Apostrophe (UK)
1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)
2000 Peace & Freedom (UK)

Friday, 10 December 2010


laughter of children
invades the cool evening wood
- dogs cross bridlepaths

© gerald england

Composed: Daisy Nook, 6th June 1985


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)
1993 Candelabrum (UK)


kora no warai
samu-yo no mori ya

© gerald england
Japanese translation by Sakuzo Takada.


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)

Thursday, 9 December 2010


how smooth the ice cracks
slow movement of glaciers
down the spring valley

© gerald england

Composed: Daisy Nook, 6th June 1985


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)
1988 New Cicada (Japan)
1996 Blithe Spirit (UK)
1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)
1999 NASA (USA)
2000 Mir (USA)


kori ware
tani ni hygoya wa

© gerald england
Japanese translation by Sakuzo Takada.


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)
1988 New Cicada (Japan)
1996 Blithe Spirit (UK)


harsh the mountain track
above which the eagle soars
sun glistening on snow

© gerald england

Composed: Daisy Nook, 6th June 1985


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)


yama michi ni
washi ga tobi-kai
yuki hikari

© gerald england
Japanese translation by Sakuzo Takada.


1987 Red Pagoda (USA)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

National Poetry Convention Reading

A man on stilts at the entrance the Liverpool Garden Festival. © Copyright Gerald England.

26th MAY 1985.

(Written and performed at the event)

Two score of poets
under China-painted corrugated roof
bounce words into the Mersey wind

As the waterfall bounces off rocks
into a pebble-shored lake
so we listen,
absorbing liquidity of meaning

While children throw stones into the water
expecting only splashes
we throw our words at you
and await the ripples


Composed: Liverpool, 26th May 1985


1985 The Old Police Station (UK)
1994 Tree Trunk (USA)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Lands End

               LANDS END

               The island cries
               Its tears are lost
               in the spray of the racing surf
               The rock hurts
               Pain penetrates each stratum
               The gas is low
               The kettle boils but slowly
               Cove and Cape concentrate the anger of rain
               Water persists in clouds
               In the morning of Good Friday
               the sun celebrates silence
               Early risers chew noisily
               on hot-cross-buns
               It is silly to talk of islands
               that do not cry
               or of rocks that feel no pain
               On the edge
               no man is untouched
               Behind all showers
               a rainbow hides

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Sennen, 20th April 1985


1985 Pennine Platform (UK)
1986 FUTURES (Ipswich, Magic Pen Press)
1990 Spider Eyes (USA)
1993 Dial 174 (UK)
1999 Black Creek Review (USA)

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 3rd March 1985


1986 The Old Police Station (UK)
1996 Braquemarde (UK)
1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Status Quo


Re-listening to sixties' protest songs
recalling fledgling dreams.
We thought then if folk would only hear
the world's ways would change
in a revolution of peace and love.

Our mono records revolve on turntables
engineered for stereophonic sound.
Deafened by and deaf to heavy metal
we wonder how much our sons
will do to change their parents' world.

© Gerald England

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 12th December 1984


1986 Folio (UK)
1988 International Poetry (USA)
1989 A POEM FOR DADDY (Whitby, Canada, Plowman)
1991 Sacrifice The Common Sense (USA)
1992 STEALING KISSES (Hyde, New Hope International)
1997 Grape (Internet)
2008 Ackworth born, gone West (Internet)

Friday, 3 December 2010



The choked coughing
of winter's first flu
preventing sleep,
I watch the television appeal
for  "Children in Need"

Rain tap-dances on the roof
and the wind wails through trees

From next-door
rock music is punctured
by shouts I scarcely comprehend

A wife being raped perhaps ?
Or a child beaten ?

I watch the millions being pledged
I hear a husband walking out in anger

Outside the storm still rages

My dozing is disturbed
by sounds of sobbing


Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 13th November 1984


1990 The Affiliate (Canada)
1992 Outreach (UK)
1994 Tree Trunk (USA)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Grass Point


         In the tearoom we asked for coffee
         and home-baked scones with jam -
         were asked if we'd enjoyed our sail -
         unaware that we'd arrived by car!

The road from Grass Point: Photo © 2010 Sarah Charlesworth.

         Grass grows down the middle
         of the three-mile road to Grasspoint
         where the Old Ferry Inn watches
         MacBrayne's sailing past Lady Rock.

         Years past pilgrims paused here
         enroute for St.Columba's isle,
         and cattlemen drove their beasts
         across towards mainland markets.

         Now passengers on the launch from Oban
         stop off at Mull's nearest point
         for a quick taste of feeling insular
         and buy chocolate mints from the gallery

         where sculpture and collected bones,
         newspaper cuttings and books of poems
         coalesce into a single exhibition
         of history and restoration.

Stone seal at Grass Point: Photo © 1999 Dave Fergusson.

         Quiet again after the boat's return
         we watch the waves wash over the sculptured seal
         before driving off along the twisting way,
         the post-van squeezing between trees to let us pass.

         Days later, from the car-ferry lounge,
         ourselves heading for mainland motorways
         we remember our weeks on Mull
         and look across to a remote, white house.

         © GERALD ENGLAND.

Old Ferry House: Photo © 2010 Sarah Charlesworth.

Composed: Glamis, 8th August 1984




           Craig is three now

           Last year he climbed
           the height of the
           Giant's Causeway

           Today he crossed
           in wave-sprayed boat
           to Staffa and probed
           the depths of Fingal's Cave

           Craig is handicapped

           In one year
           he has crossed
           the Giant's sea
           from Ulster to the Hebrides

           How many years
           will he take
           to climb other heights
           probe other depths
           cross that other sea
           others label "normallacy" ?

           © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Fionnphort, 3rd August 1984


1984 New Hope International (UK)
1984 International Biographical Centre Magazine (UK)
1984 Boyds Walk Newsletter (UK)
1986 FUTURES (Ipswich, Magic Pen Press)
1987 White Rose Magazine (UK)


Portuguese translation by Teresinka Pereira

Text not to hand.


1985 International Poetry (USA)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Photograph © Gerald England


As midnight approaches
I stand with the dog
watching the embers
of a fire
dying on the beach.

Behind me are the lights
of several caravans.

Three cottages on
once-uninhabited Erraid,
Robert Louis Stevenson's
unhappy childhood home,
throw their light
across the Sound.

Beyond the black shapes
of sundry, rocky islets
are the bright lights of Iona
shining across the water

Earlier from the beach
we had watched the sun
set over I.,
each ray illuming
a pigeon-toe sky.

Now as morrow
becomes day
dog and master
settle to sleep
having seen.

© Gerald England

Composed: Fionnphort, 1st August 1984


1985 Periaktos (UK)
1989 Eavesdropper (UK)
1992 STEALING KISSES (Hyde, New Hope International)