Monday, 13 December 2010

Morning at Seven

              MORNING AT SEVEN

              The rising-eight,
              arising at six
              leaving parents asleep,
              watches television

              It is Sunday;
              there is no T.V.A.M.
              nor Breakfastime,
              no Popeye,
              no Roland Rat,
              Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther,
              only Open University.

              He stares amazed
              at the hieroglyphs
              of calculus and chemistry -
              "Irrational numbers are magic,
              you need a calculater for hard sums",
              says he who has just learnt
              the two-times table.

              A detailed discussion and
              analysis of the Turin Shroud
              arouses his interest in Jesus.

              A programme on Popular Culture
              examines television coverage
              of the Cup Final -
              "I love Manchester United,
              they're my favorites"
              announces he of the two
              left feet.

              © GERALD ENGLAND

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 9th September 1985


1986 Mussolini's Rabbit (UK)

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