Thursday, 2 December 2010

Grass Point


         In the tearoom we asked for coffee
         and home-baked scones with jam -
         were asked if we'd enjoyed our sail -
         unaware that we'd arrived by car!

The road from Grass Point: Photo © 2010 Sarah Charlesworth.

         Grass grows down the middle
         of the three-mile road to Grasspoint
         where the Old Ferry Inn watches
         MacBrayne's sailing past Lady Rock.

         Years past pilgrims paused here
         enroute for St.Columba's isle,
         and cattlemen drove their beasts
         across towards mainland markets.

         Now passengers on the launch from Oban
         stop off at Mull's nearest point
         for a quick taste of feeling insular
         and buy chocolate mints from the gallery

         where sculpture and collected bones,
         newspaper cuttings and books of poems
         coalesce into a single exhibition
         of history and restoration.

Stone seal at Grass Point: Photo © 1999 Dave Fergusson.

         Quiet again after the boat's return
         we watch the waves wash over the sculptured seal
         before driving off along the twisting way,
         the post-van squeezing between trees to let us pass.

         Days later, from the car-ferry lounge,
         ourselves heading for mainland motorways
         we remember our weeks on Mull
         and look across to a remote, white house.

         © GERALD ENGLAND.

Old Ferry House: Photo © 2010 Sarah Charlesworth.

Composed: Glamis, 8th August 1984


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  1. I've been to Grass Point. We arrived in Tobermorrey from the Ardnamurchan and worked our way slowly across Mull to Ulva and Iona, and then finally, after a week or so, we left with the ferry to Oban. That road in your photo I remember well.