Thursday, 14 April 2011

Poem from the Great Minds at IBM


All opposed are outlined by the crucial determination of the minor.
You simply turn it off.
Steps are transferred from a company named Type Solutions.
A number of people don't realise that it's duplicated.
We enjoyed creating them.

I will handle the media.
A quantity of aeroplanes is required.
First try the use for a conjuring-trick in the pudding.

The sun shines on the centre of hands;
The physical devices just happen to be fun.
That is an experiment,
while the sun shines on other interesting things

Micro was a crooked cat, admiring the old data
in conjunction with the kitten's neck.
Since it is prepared to be going on,
more information is available to produce legible text.
Now you know she scrambled back
and left a penny on white bread and a Security policy.

Will he run to watch the European Parliament?
Really it depends upon the poor thing getting fat.
Half asleep, between
them the wind blows -- this end of the cow
which I'll discuss at a later stage.
They wake up at work
to say that first she has developed
the rules of romps by the bonfire.
To-morrow he is not being punished for the National Start Fiasco,
Both are hinting of the cleaning lady.
You are not static, her writing on the patio
and wooing their heads.

Lorna, stresses,
before this mind numbing loghorrea continues unabated
there you go through to be up,
but Audrey returns
rejected from my last adventure.

My left ear just cleared.
Louise says she may consider
the original outline you have a good example,
although other companies, plotted against her father.


Composed: Gee Cross, 28th April 1993


1996 Good Fight (USA)

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