Friday, 1 April 2011

Reply to Information


RESOLVED to a single institutional framework,
by parallel progress in the bad:
this function allows you to restart the moon.

RESOLVED to restart the war pretty good
in the Netherlands, but nothing was working.
The guard watched him eat the chocolate cake.

DESIRING to create firm bases for some lime.
So mud sinks and before me
the grass does not grow stagnant.

RESOLVED to her sultry lips on payment systems;
a knitter dares take her on lazy afternoons;
something mysterious is annexed
to the PROTOCOL on a dog's bark.

Conference agrees that it is surely
an accidental coincidence.
Meeting in the back,
a DECLARATION on her wits is sung.

Then you being unrealistic,
he said something about overseas countries
and being profound.
We cannot find the gods!


Composed: Gee Cross, 4th October 1992


1993 Dial 174 (UK)

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