Saturday, 9 April 2011

Starting Windows


Birthday cake collapses from the end.
Compatibility rating is positive,
emotional and finds your point.
Your blind date turns out any problems you have.
You call to determine if you should follow
a group of hells angels on the mouse
whilst pointing at the tired cock.
The door tries to run FULL SCREEN.
For your convenience, take the city.
Your pet rock snaps at the pavement.
You go up and perhaps it fits better.
Electric music from the masochist
constructs a full authority
to make sure that you wish for signs
and then Bell created the end of controversy;
there is mixed response.
But I will find the icon.
Make sure you close the rules
and the requirement to separate the past
from the Windows is given you
if you want this document on the CPU.
You should conform to enhance publicity.
They know the hearth-rug,
while others the partitions of the off
to afford publicity a fifth interrupt.
I can't support you with the pudding pan.
Whither dost thou wander?
Please to see prime mainframe architecture
in that the sun was a micro soon stopped
by his wife who can say his crown
beats the competent authorities
relating to the issues such as sport,
until the program responds.
You wish you could find
my design of Christmas pie,
else fuller details of biscuits,
which leads he fears to endless meetings.


Composed: Gee Cross, 29th December 1992


1993 Dada Tennis (USA)
1994 International Poetry (USA)

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