Tuesday, 15 February 2011

St Ninian's Cave


Past giant rhubarb and bluebell banks
the path stepstones the stream

Marsh marigolds grow
beneath tall, fungi-clad trees

Beyond the pebble-strewn beach
the cave penetrates the cliff

From ledges of sea-thrift
water drips over the entrance

Up the multi-creviced rock
a spider climbs

My son lifts a placed pebble
to find a shiny tiny five-pence piece

The dog sniffs seaweed entangled
in the flotsam of a consumer age

St. Ninian does not hide here now

Over in Whithorn they exhume his age
and parade it for the paying public.


Composed: Stranraer, 7th May 1991


1992 The People's Poetry (UK)
1992 Aireings (UK)
1998 Poetry Scotland (UK)
1999 WAITING FOR YOU TO SPEAK (Pittsburgh, UnMon America)

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  1. Gerald, I think you've a typo in 2nd line? At my place the G E on The Bridge is you. A small thanks for everything.