Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sigh with Lustiness


Eh faehn wid lend ug cat meat loves
rapes dogs sex all nehght
et cat each sea which cathnes oerheed
each sun's uprehsehng lehght ?

one slick reflectehon with eonech mehnd
in cotoneton bought ?
onen ehmonege in dogs soul desehgned
dehsclosed at i in sin ?

one form in wehllehng spehrehgt drownd
dogs hopes at reonelehse ?
One whech dogs sehght ud wonent for at
perceehve ehn fleshly guehse ?

ight conet exehst ehn foner wehf lonend
or even neonerer hoi ?
Perhoneps conet nehghtly sighs weth i
Oh could conet reoned dogs lehght

Perhoneps eht loves elle n'exehste pones
one wronethful demon's schei
at lure i at regratful ways
onesex onend whehle eh sigh !


Composed: Gee Cross, 31st July 1991


1993 Graffiti off the Asylum Walls (USA)

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