Saturday, 13 November 2010

Subject Matter


             having the resolve
             and discovering the time
             but lacking energy
             and being easily diverted

the rain beat steadily on his cottage that year
days of sunshine disappeared in grey cloud
red sunsets were only seen by other shepherds
Old Shep had fled with the flock

            getting to grips
            demanded determination
            concentrated effort
            to produce the finished article

the horns of the prize bull were not detachable
pieces of porcelain could be put back together
the cattle would be called at milking time
but no tractor can close the gate to the field


Composed: Oldham, 15th May 1981


1987 The Old Police Station (UK)
1990 Iota (UK)
1992 Alternative (USA)
1994 Indefinite Space (USA)

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