Thursday, 18 November 2010



Lost down country lanes
we come across roundabouts,
roadsigns with names
like Pimbo, Digmoor and
Town Centre - but which?

The precinct shops conform
to universal standards -
only the accents

This wet pre-Christmas
Saturday finds us
in the only town
with no bustle.

The picture of warships
in the coffee house
is hung slantwise
and off centre.

We leave the planners'
boom town, rainswept,
hidden somewhere beyond fields.

© Gerald England

Composed: Skelmersdale, 12th December 1982


1 comment:

  1. Gerald, It's exactly what I found in Skem. I didn't stop there either. The original scouse overspill - before Runcorn (New Town) which they tried to rename Halton but nobody was having it.
    As for Runcorn's New Bridge they renamed it (as you know) The Bridge. Pity about the Transporter Bridge though. But it had to go I suppose?