Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Vigorous Grass is Quiet Below


Having the right mind
to reduce the nature of good manners;
but not smart enough to be married without attempting service,
there being advantages to being loved.
One should never remember the inner voice
that is close to the nature of a mountain stream.
It thereby invites injury.
The world is easier when the earth is quiet below.
The mutual restraint will be exhilarating.
Great things should not be exhilarating.
The sage should never interrupt the proper course;
the two possible ways to utter failure
are like the mud of my opinions.
We have heard it said that flesh is blamed on fire.
What can I do to your sons?
What does the future hold in bottom position?
They will lay upon straw,
but one invites injury
as fast as fast as danger can be.
The superior man gets stuck.
Patiently, the old man should await the proper course
through the danger ahead and mobilise the little thicket;
the time removed from the rest with mounting screws.
Though they pulled and broke his mate, they shall be exhilarated.
The sage should go the way
of every successful person of my lady's chamber.
Without a banana it will be quick
and will bring forth approval.
The state produces no error but the darkness at hand.
See what a wife could eat?
When the thunder awakens
they which have fallen asleep
find the most powerful force
to be their misfortune.

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 2nd July 1992


2006 The Same (USA)

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