Thursday, 24 March 2011

Portrait of a Night Spent at the Back of the Rainbow


Your twin sister forgot your memo, but no-one speaks now.
Orgasm is a little old daylight:
You wake up feeling amorous
And understand people are waiting for him to sleep.
If I were challenged in a headache
Your boss would tell you there were ways out.
When teaching you really think of the bedroom.
Ask your ex-wife or your son for some proper elaboration? -
No, you could get the cleaning lady.
You object violently to the news they tell anyone.
I want you to want peace but you are all uncertain -
Face down inside other holes.
The cat is flunking high school
Because you're expecting your birthday.
You inside you do everything you don't enjoy.
Guilt is about keeping the sign that says - not now.
You all day at the patio and stripping off
You call Suicide Prevention and you're sitting
In a waterbed broken and totally irresistible.
Your ex-wife and your boss can tell you like the bedroom.
You wake up at the Endangered Species Club.
He sneaks out of your waterbed and I almost get caught.
Guilt is tossing a wife you really want in the rest room.
Suddenly she just screws the party that came
To fix your background and you're not married to your kid
But have just got to eat when initiation rites commence.
You wake up feeling amorous and say
You're expecting your TV cable repairman to analyse you.
Your boss tells you I am there waiting for him.
He wishes Anita would mind her twin.
Your friend is the fellow who parked his wife
And woke up wondering if it came down at night,
Then realised that I never left the movie theatre.
I'll keep your girlfriend knocking at the bathroom
When we do everything we do;
It is easy for her to look for the tiger.
Your wife wakes up feeling amorous
And you're too embarrassed to go home.

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 23rd August 1992


1994 Boggers All (UK)

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