Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Microcosms 13 - 15


The automatic light blue appearing grey
squirrel scenting years given and treble
critical from the full date. It considers
to hammer a public rest of a period of a
string at least a genuine leopard skin
coat. Any automobile that you've accidently
put down, when you restart the centre of
running over which uses mathematics to wish
to hammer a string at least 500 points to a
period of trees and deceitful.


Forgetting your toes is morally wrong, and
can check several people's. Do you to use
the bathtub faucet on the tired cock
continuously, to get your point by Tuesday.
First she scrambled back down, and had
saved the door, and speaking in the byre;
the summer comes again, when vacuuming
without bras or sponge.


Melted chocolate which covers the numbers
are detailed below the rear of time never
mind, examining - I'm going to be born to
keep their money. Executive ability is
positive, emotional and always helps you
tomorrow to understand women's nature of
opening and gives the obsessive act one
more chance, sleeping the interview
squirming in a bowl of time.


Composed: Gee Cross, 5th September 1992


2004 ZYX (USA)

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