Monday, 12 July 2010

Cosy Cullercoats

I came to cosy Cullercoats
for a crab and a kiss from June
The cold wind blew
the sea battered up the beach
the soft sand sank into, filling up
our shoes
Colourful shells were gathered
for Aunt Fanny back home
to make plant-pot holders
The breeze blew sea-shower raindrops
into our faces
Down the road
Lord Collingwood
guarded the Middens
and Danish trawlers
set sail for the Faeroes -
cargoes of fish, cigars, fish, pullovers, fish -
I ate the crab
and left June with a kiss
in Cullercoats

Composed: Ackworth, 6th June 1971


1972 Contac (UK)
1972 THE WINE THE WOMEN AND THE SONG (Pyle, Kenfig Press)
1994 Boggers All (UK)
2005 Sons of Camus Writers International Journal (UK)

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