Monday, 24 May 2010

There is a Choir


There is a choir buzzing in my head
an harmonious choir
thinking -
it is thinking
one thought
and it is buzzing
in my head

This thought is not my thought
It is thought
by the choir
thinking in my head
I am not responsible
for this thought
I am only responsible for my own thoughts

Let the choir think
I shall not head their thoughts
Their thoughts are not my thoughts
They are not
and they shall not be
It is hard to resist
the thinking of the choir in my head

The choir which is thinking in my head
is thinking of a chess problem
on a train
jumping a brook
Their thoughts
are worth
a thousand pounds
a word

Alice thinks in pictures


Composed: Glasgow, 10th April 1967


1969 AN ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY (Pontefract, Whitwood and District Arts Association)

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