Monday, 17 May 2010

My Happiness

For the past few days
I've been feeling happy
but I'm unhappy
in my happiness
I don't know why I'm happy
and anyway
I know
from past experience
that my happiness
will not last,
that soon
something will happen
to make me unhappy
I would be waiting
all the time
for something to happen
to bring me out of my happiness
and make me unhappy
I wish that that something
whatever it is
would happen
and make me unhappy
for I'd know
from past experience
that my unhappiness
would not last


Composed: Ackworth, 1st August 1966

1971 YORKSHIRE POETS '71 (Sheffield, Grove Publications)
1972 Numquam Mens (UK)
1986 Psychopoetica (UK)

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