Saturday, 21 July 2012

Waiting Backwards


zealously guarding his innermost thoughts
yellow crocuses in a vase
xeroxing plans for a party
winter storms keep the ferry in port
vacuuming the carpet her latest fetish
under lock and key his collection of used underwear
tempted by the salesman's offer

surrendering her endowment policy
resolving the argument in adjacent beds
quaint tearoom serves hard cake
preparing for work the stripper gets all dressed up
only one customer through the door of the pub with no beer
neon lights above the bordello
master cueman escapes the snooker
licking his lips at the bride's first meal
kingfisher hovers over the motorway
january sales brings traffic gridlock
in the gallery next to the nude a portrait of mary
holy mountain hell for climbers
gulls wheel behind the cruise liner
fog-bound passengers phone their loved ones
early morning terrier barks at the milkman
dreading the needle a middle-aged man shivers
caught short the little girl squirms mother looks cross
blue flowers in a vase are starting to wilt
always the long wait to see the doctor

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 31st December 2005


2006 Shadow Train (Internet)

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