Monday, 23 July 2012

Haibun 060125 (y3-y9)

As I walk through the cemetery on my way to the dentist, I notice several yellow triangular signs

this memorial
is unsafe -- do not tamper
with its support

and elsewhere

gravestones laid flat
lest they fall upon
the living

As I step smartly on I ponder if I'm early or late for my appointment but

the town hall clock
is stuck on half past eight
today or last night?

The dentist has finally acceded to the directive of over a year ago that all businesses should be made accessible to mobility impaired clients

climbers are warned
of the presence of a stair-lift
still cardboard-wrapped

After the dentist I go shopping in the supermarket

the check-out girl
puts too many heavy items
into a single bag

On the way home

traffic-lights down
drivers look out for each other
vehicles flow freely

The taxi-driver answers my earlier query. Parts of the town centre have been without electricity since last night. He tells me about a town in Holland where they have removed all traffic lights and road markings. The traffic is flowing 30% more freely than before!

a loose melon
rolls out of its plastic bag
as the taxi corners

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 25th January 2006


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