Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Snail Bounces


So here I am
lounging on the lazyboy;
I've been up for hours,
had a shower,
done bacon and eggs,
checked my email,
cleared the spam,
picked the pinta
off the doorstep
as I greeted the postman,
brought the laundry down,
set the washing-machine;
so now I settle down
to listen to the video-recording
of last week's
"Just a minute"
on freeview digital radio --
the phone rings
and it isn't a distant call centre
selling a new mortgage
or telling of a holiday
I've won in a competition
I never entered
or of how my postcode
has come up on their computer --
I can be a show-house --
but this time
it is the secretary of a society
of which I'm a life member;
he wants to know
if I am still me
have I still
got a life;
seems the last issue
of the society's transactions
was returned
marked "gone away"
but I haven't,
I'm still here
and ready
for a fresh pot of tea

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 17th March 2004


2004 The Drunken Boat (Internet)
2005 Outlaw (UK)

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