Friday, 30 March 2012

An Ordinary Day


I open the lounge curtains
to find a blotch on the window
it has arrived in the night.
Later in the morning
it is still there.
I use a discarded note to the milkman
to lever away the tiny snail
depositing it in the bobbing hydrangea.

As I fill the kettle
my eyes meet those
of the grey squirrel
on the little fence
a yard beyond the kitchen window.
It looks away and scurries quickly
down my neighbour's garden path.

In the back garden beyond ours
a fat tabby prowls
as a wood pigeon settles on the roof.

After the rain
I watch a blackbird
digging worms
out of the recently mown lawn.
It eyes me too
but is in no hurry
to wander under the willow tree
and into the hedge bottom.

In the bathroom today
the spider
is nowhere to be seen.

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 21st April 2004

2004 The Drunken Boat (Internet)


  1. The Drunken Boat appears to have resurfaced.

  2. No problem, Gerald. Love the easy reading of your poems that transports me to your home in England. I have added you to my list of favorite sites. Wonderful!