Wednesday, 27 July 2011



There are 16 million shades of grey
There is no black
There is no white
You have to draw your own line
It may or may not be straight
There are always mitigating circumstances
Judgement can only be based
On passed-down wisdom and self-experience
Stopping to take stock
Is not an option
You can never find yourself
You can only conform or differ
From each perceived image
The cataracts of common sense
Can never be removed
Focusing on reality’s a fallacy

© Gerald England

Composed: Hyde, 28th September 1997


1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)
2007 Famous Poets & Poems (Internet)



Exista 16 milioane de nuante de gri
Negru nu exista
Alb nu exista
Trebuie sa-ti trasezi singur linia
Poate fi dreapta sau nu
Exista intotdeauna circumstante atenuante
Judecata se poate baza
Doar pe intelepciune si experienta proprie
Oprirea pentru a cantari
Nu este o optiune
Pe tine insuti nu te poti gasi
Poti doar sa te conformezi ori sa te diferentiezi
De fiecare imagine perceputa
Cataractele bunului simt
Nu pot fi indepartate niciodata
Concentrandu-te pe inselatoria realitatii.


Romanian translations by Octavian Blaga and Florentin Smarandache


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