Thursday, 28 July 2011

Limbo Time


two-thirty in the morning
i am wakened by my wife
with “do you want a cup of tea?”
a rhetorical question
it is already made.
we sit in bed supping the welcome brew
“the clocks go back,
we can have an extra hour in bed”
mentally i count them,
bedside, microwave, video,
computer, grandfather …
a baker’s dozen or more
it will take me at least an hour
to adjust them all
it is two fifty in the morning
or is it only ten to two?
we are living in limbo time
have we lived an hour twice
or did time stand really still?
i turn the pillows over
and try again to sleep.

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 26th October 1997


1998 LIMBO TIME (Hyde, New Hope International)
2008 Poet in Residence (Internet)

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  1. I know this - one of my favourites - it's on my blog. You kindly gave me permission to publish it when the clocks changed the hour.