Wednesday, 27 October 2010



               Bright for his age,
               he wants chips with everything,
               knows that beans means Heinz
               and will drink anything
               if it's not too hot.
               He's got two Gran-mas
               and is proud of the fact.
               He shuts all doors behind him,
               switches on the television,
               but only after asking.
               All telephone calls are from Grandma.
               His eyes are bright with mischievousness;
               Each morning he says hello
               to the face in the mirror,
               pulls his Daddy out of bed,
               then fetches him his clothes
               in order, one by one.
               He can find the things that Mummy mislays
               but leaves his own clothes where they drop.
               Vainer than any girl,
               he is defiant yet loves to obey.
               Sometimes he knows what you are thinking
               before you do yourself.
               He is my son. I love him.

Composed: Ashton under Lyne, 1st June 1981


1981 DADDYCATION (Ashton under Lyne, New Hope International)

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