Monday, 18 August 2014

frozen fingers (d58)

frozen fingers
stretch for want of warmth
a new decade

© gerald england

Composed: Hyde, 7th January 2010


2010 Winter Haiku (Internet)

A contribution to Macro Monday.


  1. A chilling preview of things to come, I don't want to think about them except that I was so hot today frost and ice seem more welcome.

  2. A museum hereabouts is preparing an exhibition of Christmas memorabilia , for next month, September. On the other hand a woman in the same area fell down a crevasse in a glacier on the Dachstein where new snow had fallen 2 days ago. It depends on height above sea level which is odd to say but it is just so.

  3. nice photo although I am a bit cold now :D

  4. First snow of winter in Austria. Not where I live, but nevertheless seriously autumnal, chilly, windy and wet