Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Market


only the shell
of the building
the most-loved market for miles around
reduced to ashes
a hundred traders
now with nothing
Total Games
Wendy & Mandys Cafe
Dels Suits
Traditional Sausage Co.
Scottish Meats
Seaking Fisheries
W Briggs Butchers
Alf Pearson Family butcher
David Conn Traditional butcher
Rothwells Furniture
Market Newsagent
A & B Sportswear
Bennetts Fancy goods
Eileen's Egg Nest
The Phone Corner
C D S Textiles
Phil's Antiquarian Books
Bailey's Hardware
Hats & Things
Rudies Snack Bar
Cherubs Specialist Christening wear
Victoria's Lingerie
Stall On The Wall Ladies & Gents Outdoor Wear
Grahame & Gordon Haberdashery
Celebrations Cards & Novelties
Pick Of The Crop
Alwyn's Underwear Stall
Goody Two Shoes
B & G Fashions
Chris's Vac & Washer Service
M.C.S Uniforms
The Toffee Box
The Music Corner
Curtain Corner
The Traditional Food Stall
Pick Of The Crop
Junior's Childrens wear
S.Williams & Sons Cafe
Elaine's Jewellers
The Off License
Body Bitz
Shades DIY
Walker's Greengrocers
Hussein's Sportswear
Brooks Hosiery & Swimwear
S Williams & Son Home Cooked Meats
Cards Galore
J.R Fashions
Mobile Revolution
Linda's Cosmetics & Perfume
Bradbury's Gloves, Scarves, Handbags & Umbrellas
Renwick's Bakery & Handcarved Meats
A & Y Brierley Footwear
Naeem's Ladies Fashion
Longdens Toys
Brian's Quality Furnishings
Brooks Underwear
Gifts For All Occasions
Phones 4 Us
A+A Videos
Cafe Nadin
J & L Bargains
The Sports Box
Spec Tackle
Paws and Claws
Camina Bags
Ashton Hall Carpets
Craven's Shoe Repairs
Morgan's China
The Bedding Box
Bailey Health Products
Joe & Sons Jeweller & Watch Repairs
Bailey's Hardware & Electrical
Bobby Fashions
Barry Gleave Biscuits, Sweets & Cakes
Cassons shoes
Redmonds Butcher & Delicatessen
B O'Donoghue Butcher
G. Fish Specialist Cooked Meats & pies
J. McClean Biscuits & Cakes
Here's Health Herbal Remedies
Hallworth's Cheese & Dairy Produce
K McDermott Danish Bacon Specialists
The Pantry
Chicken Barbecue
The Hen House
Shopmobility Wheelchairs & Scooters
none of it left
no sprinklers
no insurance
no recompense
no one died
so only rates
a brief mention
on the local
not national news

© Gerald England

Composed: Gee Cross, 26th May 2004


2004 Drunken Boat (Internet)


  1. Did they do anything with the building? Did they open an art gallery or a museum or a concert hall or a theatre or any or all of the above? Or did all the windows get broken and subsequently boarded up to prevent drug addicts and drunks and spray painters and others from joining the rats. Or did it become a used a car auction house or perhaps even a trendy hotel? I'm curious!

  2. Hello Gerald, I've googled it. It re-opened in 2008. Gleaves Sweets of Yesteryear could be the stall for me! Anyone for a gobstopper?

  3. How sad. Reminds me of the Pike Place Market we have here in Settle and it would be tragic if it were all lost.