Thursday, 25 August 2011

Eight Eights



and though she knew despite her vow
the significance of the set
and how from that remote retreat
to make arrangements to keep safe
those who were given just a part
her own passage seemed pre-ordained
across a troubled continent
where even sisters can’t be sure


and the man on the bicycle
led her along the city streets
to meet someone from whom she wanted
that which could not then be given
and though she saw the second corpse
it only emerged days later
dragged out of the dark river
from which she knew she had to flee


and when in the height of passion
he called out not her own name but
that of her departed sister
her own rapture intensified
not sensing then that their child
would be born many miles away
across the sea and the desert
under the eye of one greater


and having secured two carpets
her advantage remained obscure
when the trans-continental car appeared
but only feet find dark locales
where hides the captive who can fly
to choose the one who will pass on
to follow footsteps from the past
venturing deep into the sands


and now accused of treachery
she felt herself free to return
not to avenge her accuser
but another whose treachery
was against herself and her sister
and having committed the act
it was by a double disguise
she herself was not sacrificed


and the singing sands tore across
reducing body shells to rust
so four feet transported two feet
escaping then by charter flight
unheeding the coded warning
only the biting of ankles
allowed their passage to the waves
but the dogfight wasn’t over


and having crossed first the channel
to talk in the gentleman’s club
she then traversed the atlantic
seeking the father of her child
before ensuring he married
the woman who could harm her most
yet held the key to her success
and she only then drank deeply


and after sailing up river
the long lost brothers met again
antique furniture was destroyed
international relations
were laid open to the world’s gaze
it was time at last to take on
the chance for immortality
the chance to bury the past and

© Gerald England

Composed: Rathmore, 5th April 1999


2002 Fire (UK)

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